The biomechanics of Karate

Shihan Kimura dedicated his life to developing a technique that was second to none, and he perfected the ability to attack with devastating power and speed.


Students of Kimura Shukokai karate learn how to use the biggest muscles of the body to generate this power and speed, and when the technique is mastered, they will be able to overcome their opponents with what Shihan Kimura referred to as “One hit, one kill.” Along with this tremendous ability comes the responsibility of control: students must practice with control in mind, and safety is paramount in the practice, both in and out of the dojo.

Functional Training

Kimura Shukokai Karate, above all, is an education in body mechanics, and students find their ability in other sports improves greatly through this practice. Whether it is golf, soccer, tennis or gymnastics, understanding how to use the entire body to create force is the core of all athletic endeavors, and nowhere is this point more dramatically revealed than when learning the proper technique to throw a punch or kick. Anyone can fight, but fighting efficiently is the groundwork on which Kimura Shukokai karate is based. As students learn how to use the body with this efficiency and understand the importance of self-control, they have gained invaluable knowledge that can be applied to every aspect of their lives.