Get Fit & Healthy

Karate offers a wide variety of exercises that are excellent for fitness. Karate is a high-aerobic activity that utilises virtually every muscle group in your body. Your endurance, muscle tone, flexibility, sense of balance as well as your overall raw strength will all improve through the practice of Karate.

Karate offers a complete full body workout, helping with weight loss and overall health and fitness.

1. Total body workout

Almost considered as a fitness and weight loss program, Karate provides a full-body workout that targets improvements in cardiovascular capabilities, muscular toning, and stamina. There’s no denying that Karate is one of the best total body workouts around. It combines cardio, endurance training, and muscles toning while burning excessive fat.

2. Cardio

Karate training works on major muscle groups of the human body. The practice will improve your heart rate as well as increase your oxygen intake. Karate is without the shadow of a doubt, an excellent option for conditioning and training your complete cardiovascular system.

3. Improved Coordination

The most distinct and beneficial aspect of consistent training in any martial arts style is its effect on coordination and muscular communication. As you grow in experience, more and more movements and techniques will require and develop greater general coordination as well as hand-eye coordination.

4. Muscle Toning

By doing continued, repetitive training not only are you developing the muscle memory required,  you’re also toning your muscles at the same time.

5 Functional Strength & Power

Karate training not only increases tone, but it also builds functional strength, power, and muscular endurance in a way few other training methods do. Karate-ka often practice exercises such as pushups, crunches and a variety of other body-weight activities designed to promote increased muscle strength, but it is their striking training that truly pays dividends in the long run.

Repetitive muscular training is the basis of Karate so, if you have the desire to get lean as well as increase power and strength, practicing Karate will possibly suit your needs.